Posted by: myrtlecottagefindhorn | March 9, 2010

Winter in Findhorn – it’s not what you think!

The Moray Hole is a well known climatic feature of the area around Findhorn, particularly the southern shores of the Moray Firth, from Nairn in the west, through to Banff in the east.

Why do you think the RAF built so many bases along this coastline in World War 2?

I’ve just received this fascinating observation from George Morris, of the Findhorn Yacht Club:

Three miles south of Forres the snow still lies deep in the fields, hiding the lambs which are running around in deep trenches made by their mothers’ footprints.  At Dunphail garage there are cars which cannot be collected by their owners because they are buried in snow. At Lochindorb it is possible to walk out to the castle on the ice. At Aviemore, if you are up early enough to get into the top car park, the temperature is likely to be about minus 15.  And yet, on Sunday I went sailing!  Mid afternoon temperatures have reached 11 degrees and on the whole the wind has been light.

Yes, of course in this weather you are thinking of heading to Tenerife for Easter. I’d suggest that Findhorn might also be an option!

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